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English info:

For most people the warm season is associated with the opportunity to spend more time outside in the fresh air. Meanwhile, for car enthusiasts it means huge excitement because that's when the new auto season wakes up from its winter sleep. Once spring comes, drivers take their pristine rides to the streets, catching people’s attention, and most auto lovers start on their long nurtured plans and projects.

In Lithuania, like in all other countries, there are car meets, festivals and shows, the purpose of which is to reveal endless possibilities, find and show to the public the most aesthetically pleasing car tuning tendencies.

International fest - JapCars Grand Meet Lithuania 2017" will happen on May 21st at the only racing circuit in Lithuania, Kačerginė’s Nemunring, to unite JDM car lovers who will be able to get new ideas, share experiences and have a good time. Quite a few guests from Latvia, Estonia and other neighbour countries will be visiting, too.

:: Powered By TOYOTA Lithuania Club ::

Program of the event:
:: VIP Auto Show ::
:: Drag race ::
:: Auto slalom ::
:: Vote for the best sports car ::
:: Best wheels ::
:: Best stance/drop ::
:: Best sounding/loudest exhaust - powered by - išmetimo sistemos, diagnostika ::
:: Neatest engine compartment ::
:: Most aesthetical car in the VIP zone - powered by ::
:: Loudest car audio system / dB Drag - powered by AUDIO FREAKZ LIETUVA ::
:: JDM fans from abroad and their cars ::

:: Other entertainment/services ::
:: FREE on-board diagnostics (OBD) for the participants of the auto show - powered by CarPro LT :: consultations, DTC (diagnostic trouble code) identification/wipe, small repairs (depending on the situation), valve restoration, etc. registration - queueing at the location. ::
:: Mobile car wash at the event - powered by Eco Clean ::
:: Personal professional car photoshoot ::
:: Food and refreshments will be available for sale during the auto show ::

*Only registered participants with Japanese cars will be allowed on the territory (exception for staff members).

*PARTICIPANTS: 21 March – 21 April > 15€ (limited number); 22 April – 4 May > 20€. Registration closes on 4 May.

*SPECTATORS: 21 March – 4 May > 2€/no waiting in line (bought in advance through a participant form). On the day of the event - 3€ (waiting in line).

*Registration is confirmed once the participant form is filled out and the payment is received.

Participant form: ... rm?c=0&w=1
*If you need help, please e-mail

*Participant fee does not change despite the number of competitions

*Stock cars allowed

Rules at the event:
1. Every participant is fully responsible for themselves, their actions and their car. If any vehicle defects are observed, the organizers retain the right to disqualify the car from any competitions and/or the participant zone.
2. People who are aggressive, intoxicated or otherwise threaten the quality of the event (or organizers, participants, spectators) will be removed from the event.
3. People who are overindulging in alcohol and/or psychotropic substances, littering, damaging the inventor (road surface included – no drifting allowed), will be removed without prior warning.
4. Alcoholic beverages WILL NOT BE SOLD at the event.

Future partners, sponsors, prize providers, journalists, photographers, volunteers please email about accreditation.

Keep in mind that the event will be photographed and filmed from all angles, so look your best!

Follow the news. Information is regularly updated.

Our sponsors:
VIMOTA Chip Tuning
Vairų apsiuvimas
Amberca Lietuva
California Scents Oficialus Atstovas
Dtail automotive
Greenhill Motors
Scary Lab. Dažymas Virinimas Hidrografika Smėliavimas Poliravimas Lakavimas
Auto Moto Parkas - išmetimo sistemos, diagnostika
Imo projektai

Our media:

Our friends:
Subaru - JMA Kaunas
Eco Clean
CarPro LTo LT

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Tee uus teema Vasta teemale  [ 1 postitus ] 

Kõik kellaajad on UTC + 2 tundi [ DST ]

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